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We are so proud of Emma's and Alice's achievement. Congratulation!

 "Emma achieved her ATChC and her Bronze at the SAA trial in March/09 under judge Gail Thompson and is very close to achieving her Silver.  She was just shy of 5 years old and has been doing agility for 3 years.  I am so thrilled with her - she is running with confidence and accuracy and her speed has increased as a result.  I couldn't ask for a better friend and team mate!  Thanks so much for allowing Emma to be a part of our family! Alice & Emma"

"Emma" Summerlove's Prairie Spirit showing off her
 AAC Silver Award of Merit

She received this prestiges award in Oct/09 as well as receiving her Versatility Bronze Award. She was also  the 2008 AAC Saskatchewan Regional Top 16"Regular Class, the 2010 AAC Saskatchewan Regional Top 16" Regular Class and the 2010 AAC Regional Saskatchewan Top Mini Dog. 

Congratulation to a wonderful team, we are so very proud of you.

Whether your Sheltie is a veteran or a puppy, tiny or tall, he'll love the challenge of flying over jumps,weaving through poles, burrowing through tunnels and scaling A-frames.

Agility is a fun way to exercise - but there's much more to it than that.

With practice,you'll find out how to read your Sheltie's body language at a glance,plus learn how to say volumes with your own movements and commands.

The result? You and your Sheltie will become a more co-operative, successful team - on or off the course!

Best of all, you'll meet a group of agility enthusiasts who can offer you advise on competing and training,along with invaluable friendship and support as you and your Sheltie discover the exciting sport of agility.


 Meet some of the Summerlove's Agility Stars

 Summerlove's Trojan Prince ADC, SGDC, VMJDC, AG.NJ
 owner/handler Karin Stever

"TROY" my tunnel man.
He has a love for the sport.
His exuberance, stamina
and jumping ability combined
makes for a winning


Summerlove's Trojan Prince ADC, SGDC, VMJDC, AG.NJ
Owner/handler Karin Stever

His trotting gait is effortless, speedy and smooth.
He is keenly attuned to his team partner.


Summerlove's Trojan Prince ADC, SGDC, VMJDC, AG.NJ
Owner/handler Karin Stever

Graced with a strong back and an even stronger readiness
 to obey, Troy soars eagerly over a triple jump.


Summerlove's Prairie Spirit
Handler/owner Alice Gaucher

Determined, enthusiastic and powered by well-muscled thighs, she sails through the tunnel.


Summerlove's Prairie Spirit
Owner/handler Alice Gaucher

Graced with exellent balance and strong hindquarters,
Emma is a natural on the dog walk.


Summerlove's Free Spirit
owner/handler Ernie Moshurchak

Running through a tunnel is barrels of fun for "BRENNA".
A love for the sport is agility's No.1 prerequisite.


Summerlove's Free Spirit
owner/handler Ernie Moshurchak

Graced with a sound structure and a will to please, she soars over obstacles  and jumps with great enthusiasm.





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